I’ve been taking my electronic presentation files that I use in the classroom and turning them into podcasts using audio and video and I go through the slides as if I were explaining my way through them in the classroom.

I’ve also uploaded them to YouTube. If you’d prefer to watch them that way, then you can subscribe to my YouTube channel: Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

  • The main link is to an HTML5 video.
  • closed captioned This indicates that the video file has been captioned.
  • YouTube This links to an embedded YouTube video file. If your browser will not show the video in the main link then you will need to use this link.
  • Podcast This is a link for mobile devices like iPhones/iPods/etc.

Some comments about each type of video file:

  • YouTube I like how it looks in a web browser and YouTube. However, I do not like YouTube’s mobile version because neither captions nor annotations are displayed. Scrubbing back-and-forth using the YouTube player also isn’t smooth.
  • Podcast Although this link is intended for mobile devices, it will work if your browser supports HTML5 video.

If you want more information about HTML5 video, then this link is for you.

There are a few "issues" depending on which platform you use to watch one of my podcasts. Here is a list of the browser versions I use.

As of 12/22/2014:

  • I'm rerecording all of my podcasts. For the foreseeable future, I'm not captioning them. It's labor-intensive and I will work on the captions after I'm finished recording new versions.
  • I have not uploaded the current versions to my YouTube channel so for the winter 2015 quarter I recommend that you watch them from my website and not from the channel.
  • If there are captions and you are using an iPad or an iPod, then click on the mobile link.
  • Internet Explorer versions prior to v9 will not work and you will need to use the YouTube link.
  • Internet Explorer versions prior to v10 will not show captions.
  • Windows Safari does not show the captions.
  • iTunes is wonky with captions regardless of the version. Either they don’t work or it screws it up.
  • Previous versions of Media Player before the version included with Windows 7 will not play m4v files.
  • The current version of Media Player will not display these captions.

If you aren’t sure which format to try, try all of them and see what works best for you.

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