Inorganic Nomenclature Quizzes

Podcasts on inorganic nomenclature for review:

Some documents you might need:

The molecular compounds are all actual compounds as far as I know. But the ionic compounds are determined by mixing-and-matching randomly selected cations and anions. I make no guarantees that all of those compounds exist!

These quizzes will ask you to write either the chemical formula or the compound name when given either the compound name or the chemical formula. When a quiz question gives you the name of a compound and asks you to write the corresponding chemical formula for it, you'll type it into a textbox. If you were to type the following chemical formulae:

The first one will be interpreted as A2I3 while the second one will be interpreted as (NH4)2CO3. When you have your answer graded, the quiz will display your answer with the subscripts interpreted as above and then let you know if your answer is correct.

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