Organic Nomenclature Quiz

You can test yourself on naming organic compounds. I made this for one of my classes that covers organic chemistry at the end of the quarter but it's not an Organic Chemistry class. A molecule will be displayed below so you can rotate it and change how it's displayed so you can see how the atoms are connected. The atom colors are:

  • carbon is dark grey
  • hydrogen is white
  • oxygen is red
  • bromine is brick red
  • fluorine is dull green
  • chlorine is bright green

A description of each button and field:

  • Sharper/Faster Display: When originally loaded, the molecule is displayed using a quicker display mode (good for mobile devices). If you choose "Sharper Display" then the molecule will be rendered in a higher resolution which takes more time to draw and could affect any interactions with the molecule.
  • Start/Stop Spinning: You can make the molecule start and stop spinning.
  • Ball-and-Stick/Wireframe/Space-Filling: I recommend the "Ball-and-Stick" version (which is the default) but try all of them and see which one you like.
  • Labels: This will toggle on/off the labeling of any atoms that are not hydrogen.
  • Reset: This will reset the molecule to the original orientation and turn off spinning and toggle off the atom labels.
  • Display Line-Angle Structure/Molecule: This will toggle the display between a line-angle (skeletal) structure and an interactive display of the molecule.

50 possible molecules.

6/30/2014: Future expansion-

  • Allow certain naming variations
  • Allow the selection and freezing of bonds to show allowed rotations

A page that discusses the use of JMol to visualize the molecules and some performance issues.

 (Press this button for a new molecule)

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