Dimensional Analysis Quizzes

Podcasts on dimensional analysis for review:

A document you might need:

Values that are greater than 9999 and less than 0.001 will automatically be displayed in scientific notation when the solution is shown. As for the units, since the script randomly chooses units and prefixes, it’s possible to get unexpected combinations. While I don’t recall ever seeing the unit kilosecond, there’s no rule that states you can’t put the prefix kilo with second.

Watch your significant figures on any calculations because your answer will be checked for the proper number of them. Watch your zeroes! The script randomly chooses numbers so if you want a certain type of number (say, one with many zeroes), then you’ll have to keep hitting the “Quiz Me!" button until it shows up.

I’ve tested the code as much as I can to make sure the quizzes work properly and that the solutions are correct. If something unexpected happens, please let me know about it. The best way would be for you to take a screen shot of this page with the incorrect results and then email it to me.

Important: If you want or need to enter your answer using scientific notation, you’ll need to enter it a certain way. For example, 1.254 x 10-8 would be entered as 1.254e-8.

Remember that the e is computer lingo for x 10

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